1. Send us a "page" and we'll read it.  It can be a letter, flyer, HTML document, whatever - as long as it reasonably contains the information that fits on one page.

2. Be prepared to send us a copy of your organization's IRS determination letter.  If you include this with your application, it won't count against the page we'll read.

3. If you are requesting a project grant and not a general support grant, send us a copy of the project budget with lobbying and non-lobbying expenses split apart.  If you include this with your application, it won't count against the page we'll read.

4. Our grant cycle is to receive pages by March 31st with final decisions by May 31st.

Please see Contact for where your application may be mailed or emailed.


General guidelines:

We are generally looking for projects and organizations that address root causes of problems in society, rather than projects and organizations that provide direct services.  We are also inclined towards groups and projects that generate grassroots participation.

Right now, we are interested in funding projects that include the Seattle area as a peer.  For instance, if an organization works throughout the United States, or throughout the world, and has a presence in the Seattle area, that's considered a peer.  However, if an organization is doing work that does not include the Seattle area, we are not able to consider it right now.  The intent of this is to be able to meet locally with members of the organization.

We do not currently fund individuals, organizations outside the United States, or scholarships.



We are still working on our process for acknowledging receipt and processing of your application.